Chalkyitsik Complex: Small Timber Lake Fire #687 – 34 acres

Friday was the fourth consecutive day of new fire starts within the planning area. Small Timber Lake Fire #687 started yesterday from lightening 2.5 miles northeast of Chalkyitsik in the oxbows of the Draanjik River and quickly grew to 34 acres. The Alaska Fire Service sent helitack, air resources and smoke jumpers as the Alaska Incident Management Team supported the initial attack effort to prevent a spread east to Chalkyitsik. Watch exclusive videos of drone footage and video updates for all of the fires in this nearly 500,000 acre complex at the official Chalkyitsik Complex YouTube channel by clicking

Perimeter Map Chalkyitsik Complex
Perimeter Map for the Chalkyitsik Complex July 27 2019
Operational Planning in Chalkyitsik.  Photo Credit: Ed Sanford
Operational Planning in Chalkyitsik.
Photo Credit: Ed Sanford

Additionally, increased growth on the northwestern perimeter of the Frozen Calf Fire #687 (234,293 acres) occurred as the fire burned interior pockets of trees along the Draanjik River corridor and advanced closer to the Porcupine River. The Tractor Trail 2 Fire #348 (90,578 acres) advanced along the Draanjik River corridor and spread along its southern perimeter. The Tettjajik Creek Fire #424 (41,301 acres) did not show any growth and little interior burning.

Incident Medical Tent: Photo Credit Ed Sanford
Incident Medical Tent near the school in Chalkysitik, Alaska: Photo Credit Ed Sanford

Today’s activities include placing an additional radio repeater to improve communications between fire crews. Fire crews will continue to secure and strengthen lines to protect Chalkyitsik, allotments and provide point protection to structures within the complex area. As the dryness of forest fuels indicate large fire growth potential, fire crews will continue to support Alaska Fire Service initial attack requests for resources in the area.

WEATHER: Mostly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening and scattered showers. Areas of smoke through the night. Minimum temperature 52F. Light winds. Gusty and erratic winds expected near thunderstorms.

Supporting the Fire: Plans Section
Supporting the fires in the upper Yukon Flats with the support team in Fairbanks. The plans section working on the daily operational plan which gets printed and distributed to the firefighters in Chalkyitsik.

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