Chalkyitsik Insider Video: Aerial View of John Herberts Village Native Allotment on the Porcupine with Structure Protection

This video from July 29 shows the structure protection around a group of structures called John Herberts Village. Fire crews have been able to halt the fire spread of the Frozen Calf Fire north to the Porcupine River before fire reached this hunting camp on a well known Native allotment. For generations, families in the Yukon Flats have and continue to rely upon hunting camps like these for their subsistence lifestyles. Food sources for subsistence lifestyles of the Native peoples include caribous, moose, water fowl, several species of fish and wild berries amongst many other sources. Under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Native allotments are provided full protection as long as it does not endanger the safety of the firefighters or the public and as long as resources are available.

Fire crews were able to halt the fire spread of the Frozen Calf Fire north to the Porcupine River. This video, supplied by River Group Division Supervisor Nathan Hesse, shows how firefighters had prepared structure protection measures to save this Native allotment in the event that fire crews could not stop the forward progression of the flame front.

The highest priority for all fire personnel is ensuring the protection of the Gwich’in village of Chalkyitsik. Fire crews continue work to secure the line in the vicinity of Ohtig Lake working north along indirect lines. Mop up activities continue between the Draanjik River and Chahalie Lake along with point protection of structures and when possible allotments within the river corridor. Fire crews will support initial attack in the Upper Yukon Zone as requested. 

INFO: KZPA 900 AM radio in Fort Yukon is airing information updates about the Chalkyitsik Complex

Info Line: (907) 356-5511

Video credit:  River Group Division Supervisor Nathan Hesse AKIMT/BLM AFS Alaska Fire Service/DNR Alaska Division of Forestry. Edit: PIO Kale Casey AKIMT

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