Firefighters on the Move in the Tanana Zone

Firefighters monitoring active fires Tuesday observed increased burning and smoke on several incidents. Eight smokejumpers were moved via helicopter from the Buster Creek Fire (#624) to the Lloyd Mountain Fire (#361), just to the southeast of Cosna River, and were joined by additional smokejumpers. A handcrew demobilized from the Grouse Creek Fire yesterday will be followed by another crew demobilizing today. All remaining crews on the Little Creek Fire (#616) will be demobilized today. Incident commanders on the Grouse Creek Fire (#485) will be transitioning with an incoming Alaska incident management team today and tomorrow. Weather today and tomorrow is forecasted to be windy and dry, with rain predicted for tomorrow night. 

Buster Creek Fire (#624) – 449.2 acres, unstaffed, started on July 18

Eight smokejumpers working at Buster Creek, west of Tanana, moved yesterday to the Lloyd Mountain Fire (#361). 

Lloyd Mountain Fire (#361) – 32,972.9 acres, 16 personnel, started on June 23

Eight smokejumpers arrived yesterday by helicopter onto the northwest side of the Cosna River, across from the fire area, and close to four cabins less than a mile from the fire, which is actively burning in a forested area with no recent fire history. Additional eight smokejumpers arrived yesterday to protect three additional cabins to the north of the others. Hose and sprinklers had already been put in place around the structures last month as a contingency. Firefighters are using an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to identify natural barriers for use in constructing a firebreak and to keep the fire on the southeast side of the river, until rain arrives later this week.

Little Creek Fire (#616) – 124.6 acres, 34 personnel, started on July 18

All firefighters will be demobilized from the fire today. 

Grouse Creek (#485) – 49,320.9 acres, 87 personnel, started on July 10 [includes Twin Ponds (#486) and Garnet Creek Fire (#576), 9,043 acres, started July 15)]

The Grouse Creek and Twin Pond fires are burning about 6 miles northeast of Rampart. Both the Grouse Creek and Garnet Creek Fires produced some smoke yesterday, with little smoke today. The fire size was remapped and estimated acres burned was adjusted. The fire perimeter was remapped and the number of acres burned reduced. Fire personnel continued work around upriver cabins and allotments, as well as around the community of Rampart. Work will continue today upriver around cabins and allotments, and fire personnel will monitor and patrol, particularly in the Ruby and Slade Creek drainages. Wetting rains are anticipated to move into the area on Thursday and continue through the weekend. Smoke impacts are expected to continue in the Rampart area. Smoke will settle in low lying drainages and through the Yukon River

Command of the fire will be assumed on Friday by an incoming Alaska incident management team, which will be introduced at a community meeting tomorrow at 3 p.m., August 1, at the Rampart school gymnasium. For current updates on Grouse Creek and Garnet Creek fires, call 907-358-3320.

For additional and current smoke information, visit: Information on wildfire smoke predictions can also be found at the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks website located at

For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office at (907) 356-5511, or email


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