More Recreation Areas Open Near Swan Lake Fire

Current Situation: The Swan Lake Fire has not increased in acreage since July 22, however smoke may be visible in the area as the fire is still smoldering in the deep duff layers on the forest floor. The majority of firefighters have either traveled home or been reassigned to other wildfires. A small group of firefighters are currently monitoring the fire and completing some of the remaining work, which includes chipping and returning equipment to the fire cache.

Now that the fire is exhibiting minimal activity and the firefighter resources have drastically decreased. The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) and the Chugach National Forest (NF) have opened the majority of their recreation sites that include campgrounds, trails and recreation areas.

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge: The Kenai NWR opened the campgrounds off of the Sterling Highway, and the Fuller and Skyline Lakes trails as well. Mystery Creek Road, Trapper Joe Cabin and Big Indian Cabin remain closed.

Kenai NWR Home Page
Kenai NWR phone: 907-252-4636

Chugach National Forest: The Chugach NF opened the Resurrection Trail and the accompanying cabins along the trail. West Swan Lake Cabin remains closed as of 8/02/19.

Chugach NF Closure Amendment
Chugach NF, Seward Ranger District Phone: 907-288-3178

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