Operations Video Update: Chalkyitsik Complex With Detailed Maps for Tuesday August 6 2019

The Chalkitysik Complex has been experiencing wetting rains. Fire activity will be mainly creeping and smoldering and fire spread is not expected on the Frozen Calf (#367), Bearnose Hill (#407), and Tractor Trail 2 (#348) fires.

The Alaska Type 2 Green Team on the Chalkyitsik Complex and the National Incident Management Team on the Cornucopia Complex are briefing the incoming Alaska Type 2 Black Team with Incident Commander Ed Sanford today. Future updates will incorporate daily management actions from both fire complexes.

Incident Commander Norm McDonald of the Alaska Type 2 Green Team stated, “A huge thank you to the Chalkyitsik community for helping support our Field Operating Base and working collaboratively with us.” He also thanked the Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center for providing an Incident Command Post location for both the Chalkyitsik and the Cornucopia Complexes.

Today, mop up activities and backhaul of equipment, pumps and hoses continue in Chalkyitsik. Cloudy and rainy skies are expected over the complex with north winds 5 to 7 mph transitioning in the evening to southeast winds 3 to 5 mph. Safety Officers directed firefighters during the morning briefing to keep warm and dry on the line and watch for hypothermia. Falling trees continue to be significant hazard during the incident, especially during wind events.

Significant fire spread in the complex is not expected but interior fuels will continue to burn out. Lower duff layers that are stubbornly resisting mop up and retaining heat are now temporarily capped under moist surface layers. Rain in excess of 4 inches is needed to significantly dampen the lower duff layers. 

You Tube: https://bit.ly/2K5TW6h

Video credit: PIO Kale Casey PIO Sam Harrel Division Supervisor Robert Yeager AKIMT/BLM AFS Alaska Fire Service/DNR Alaska Division of Forestry.

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