Chalkyitsik Complex Slideshow: Aerial Photographs of Fire Effects

Take a visual aerial tour of the Chalkitysik Complex, which has been experiencing wetting rains for the past several days. As fire activity has been reduced to mainly creeping and smoldering, and with fire spread not expected on the Frozen Calf (#367), Bearnose Hill (#407), and Tractor Trail 2 (#348) fires, fire crews have been focusing on mop up, securing and strengthening containment lines, back haul and demobilization as crews reach the end of their 14 day assignments.

The highest priority for all fire personnel has been ensuring the protection of the Gwich’in village of Chalkyitsik. Fire crews focused work to secure the line in the vicinity of Ohtig Lake working north along indirect lines. Mop up activities continue between the Draanjik River and Chahalie Lake along with point protection of structures and when possible allotments within the river corridor. Fire crews have been supporting initial attack in the Upper Yukon Zone. 

INFO: KZPA 900 AM radio in Fort Yukon is airing information updates about the Chalkyitsik Complex

Info Line: (907) 356-5511

You Tube:

Photo credit: PIO Sam Harrel Division Supervisor Robert Yeager AKIMT/BLM AFS Alaska Fire Service/DNR Alaska Division of Forestry.

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