North Fork and Caribou Lake fires on Kenai Peninsula showed little growth overnight

Two fires burning on the southern Kenai Peninsula are receiving a strong response. The Zigzag Hotshot crew from Oregon is reporting this morning to the North Fork Fire (#751) burning six miles northwest of Homer. The hotshots will join the Chugachmiut’s Yukon Wildland Fire Crew, an initial attack crew of Palmer, to complete a hose lay on the dozer line that encircles the fire. There was no reported growth over night and is estimated to be 59 acres.

There are no road closures associated with this fire.

Residents living along North Fork Road north of the fire and in communities along the Diamond Ridge Road to the south were placed on a Level 1 “Ready” Evacuation notice due to the proximity to the fire.

A “Ready” alert is NOT a notice to leave. This alert means that people must be ready for potential evacuation. This includes assisting family members with special needs, arrange to move mobile property (boats, trailers, ATV), and prepare pets or livestock.

The Caribou Lake Fire (#754) was reported Monday. It is 23 miles northeast of Homer. The 100 acre fire is a little over a mile to the northwest of Caribou Lake and is burning in the area of the 2007 Caribou Hills Fire. A load of smokejumpers parachuted near the fire and started building fireline along the southern perimeter with the assistance water scooping Fire Boss aircraft, two heavy airtankers, and the local Alaska Division of Forestry helicopter. There are no cabins or structures immediately threatened by the fire. This morning firefighters have been joined by a dozer to construct fire line on the south end of the fire.

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