New lightning start fire as firefighters secure Levelock

Lightning started another fire Friday in the Bristol Bay area. The Lower Klutuk Fire (#770) is about 10 miles southeast of New Stuyahok and over 15 miles northwest of Levelock. Aerial reconnaissance reported the fire to be 8-acres and actively burning in black spruce and tundra. The fire is not threatening any valuable assets and will be monitored.

To view a pdf type file of this map that can be enlarged, click here.

Despite light rain over the Levelock Fire (#752) on Friday, smokejumpers, with the help of Alaska crews from Hooper Bay and Chevak, were able to complete more tactical firing operations to secure the town and airstrip. Residents from around the area who responded to help defend Levelock with the fire first started Aug. 18 have returned home. Firefighters today will mop up their previous burn operations and conduct additional burnouts if conditions allow. By burning off from their control lines, firefighters are removing the fuel between the village and the main fire. The control line is a combination of hand and dozer line, as well as natural features such as sloughs and lakes.

The fire remains at an estimated 5,500 acres. The suppression plan for the fire calls for point protection of the community and airstrip. Other portions of the fire will be left to natural progression. Should additional valuable assets be threatened, point protection measures will be enacted.

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