Another successful day on the Deshka Landing Fire

Firefighters Discuss Tactics at the Deshka Landing Fire Operational Briefing.
Photo: Mike McMillan – DNR

CURRENT SITUATION: Sunday was a productive day on the Deshka Landing Fire. The excavators that were brought in this week to build line through a very difficult and dangerous area on the southern end of the fire have completed their task and have moved on to help with the McKinley Fire.

The structure protection measures around homes and cabins on Red Shirt Lake were completed. The twenty-person hand crews from Alaska and Oregon have worked hard cutting line, setting up hoses and pumps and mopping up hotspots to bring containment on the fire to 40 percent. As crews have completed line and improved the mapping of the firelines, the total acreage of the fire area has dropped to 1,395 acres.

FIREFIGHTER SAFETY: Firefighter safety continues to be a concern. Challenges include fire-weakened trees that are falling, walking in treacherous tree roots and ground cover that has burn out, and firefighters are battling fatigue as they work and camp in remote locations near the fire. Only two significant injuries have been reported on the fire to date: a minor leg burn from stepping in an ash pit and a foreign object in the eye. With the increase in suppression equipment and traffic on the roads, the public is urged to drive safely in the area as we work to complete the assignment.

The incident continues to rely heavily on helicopters to transport supplies, equipment and firefighters to the line. Some water drops by helicopters are also being made to support firefighters. The pilots, aircraft managers, and support personnel on the ground have worked as a team to avoid any injuries or mishaps with aircraft.

CLOSURES: The hunting public are also contributing to firefighter safety by respecting the recent closures in the area. Game Management Unit 14A and State lands in the area have been closed to public access. Details can be found at: The Nancy Lake State Recreation Area is also closed to recreation and hunting to avoid conflicts with firefighters and equipment.

EVACUATIONS: There are no evacuation orders in affect at this point. Residents living to the east and south of the fire are urged to stay informed on the fire’s status.

WEATHER: Some light rain and showers were reported in the region Sunday but not enough fell on the fire to have a significant affect. No significant precipitation is forecast in the next few days.

COMMMUNITY MEETING: A community meeting was held Sunday, August 25 at the Willow Elementary School. Approximately 50 people attended to hear about suppression efforts and progress being made.

Supply Unit Firefighters Prepare A Load of Hose for Delivery to the Fireline.
Photo: Mike McMillan – DNR

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