August 28, 2019 1:00 p.m. Swan Lake Operational Update

View looking north from near Sackett’s Store.

Crews have been working to complete a bulldozer line on the northern edge of Cooper Land. On the east side of the fire area, the smoke is starting to clear but use of aircraft has been limited because of the smoke. Drones are being used by firefighters to gather intelligence as they are equipped with infrared cameras that can see heat through the smoke.

It remains very smoky in the Sterling/Soldotna area but work is going well on the western edge of the fire, south of the highway. Crews continue to “mop up”, making sure the fire is out cold along the edge.

Fire activity near Trout Lake may be visible from the Sterling Highway this afternoon. Do not stop while traveling in the fire area and be mindful of firefighters working and smoke on the highway.

Categories: AK Fire Info

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