Deshka Landing Fire 70% Contained

Firefighters are making good progress toward containment of the Deshka Landing Fire. Photo: Mike McMillan – DNR

Deshka Landing Fire Update — August 28, 1019

The Deshka Landing Fire is located approximately five miles southwest of Willow, Alaska in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough within the Alaska Division of Forestry, Mat-Su Area Protection. The wind driven fire started on August 17, 2019.

Current Situation:  Approximately 70 percent of the fire’s edge now has a completed fireline around the perimeter. Fire crews continue working hard to mop up any sources of heat they find near the edge.  To date, 34 water pumps and nine miles of fire hose have been used on the Deshka Landing Fire.  Some line construction is still needed near the south end of the fire on larger spots.  Last night an infrared scan of the fire was taken from the air to identify any significant heat remaining on the fire.   

Today, firefighters will be using the information gathered overnight to extinguish those hot areas that may have potential to spread the fire further.  The fire-burned area remains extremely dry and the deep organic material in some areas continues to smolder. Fire crews will continue patrolling and monitoring the entire fire perimeter for the next few days. Isolated sources of smoke may be observed until a season-ending event provides enough moisture to completely extinguish the fire.

Safety Concern:  Violations of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) over the fire are continuing.  Three incidents were reported on Tuesday.  This is a very serious and dangerous situation which could affect the safety of the public and firefighters. The TFR is designated to prevent conflicts between fire aircraft operations and regular air travel. The TFR over the Deshka Landing Fire is in effect from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. everyday. Specific information about the TFR can be found at: Pilots that may have to operate in or near the TFR should contact the Fire Information Office at (907) 715-9205 to coordinate with the air operation staff on the Deshka Landing Fire.

Firefighter Injuries:  Only two significant injuries have been reported on the fire to-date:  a minor leg burn from stepping in an ash pit and a foreign object in the eye. 

Closures:  Game Management Unit 14A and State lands in the area remain closed to public access.  The hunting public is respecting the recent closures around the fire area and firefighters continue to work safely without incident. Details on the hunting closure can be found at:  

A portion of the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area is also closed to recreation and hunting to avoid safety issues while firefighters work in the area.  On Tuesday, the closure order was modified to open the eastern portion of the Recreation Area.  Details are located at:

Evacuations: There are no evacuation orders in effect at this time.

Weather: The abnormally warm and dry weather should continue at least through Friday.  It is possible that smoke from other fires to the south may drift into the area.

Fire Information: (907) 715-9205
Acreage: 1,318 – Containment: 70% – Personnel: 231

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