Rain continues over the Bristol Bay region

Rain continued to fall across the remaining staffed fires burning in southwest Alaska on Sunday to help moderate fire behavior. Rain remains in the forecast for the region through the week.

Smokejumpers are overseeing the last of the back haul from the Levelock Fire (752) and are expected to demobilize from the incident by the end of shift today. The village of Levelock and the airstrip are protected from the 8,549-acre fire. Other portions of the fire will be left to natural progression and will be placed into monitor status. A helicopter equipped with a heat-detecting Infrared camera will conduct aerial reconnaissance when weather conditions allow.

Firefighters are completing the set up of point protection measures around Native allotments threatened by the Ethel Creek Fire (#516). Saw lines with pumps and hose lays are set up and will be left in place should the 31,000-acre fire become threatening. Personnel are expected to demobilize tomorrow once their work on the northeastern portion of the fire is finished.

Smokejumpers on Pete Andrews Creek Fire (#457) continue setting up point protection measures for Native allotments threatened by the 5,859-acre fire. Firefighters will finish plumbing their saw lines with pumps and hose lays.

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