September 5, 2019 12:15 p.m. Swan Lake Fire Operational Update

Firefighters are mopping up around power lines along the Sterling Highway today. Please watch for fire traffic, especially between mile markers 68 to 70, and mile markers 58 and 62. Mopping up involves finding any remaining burning material, often several inches to several feet under the surface, and extinguishing them so they no longer pose a threat.Other crews are chipping slash and cutting down hazard trees at recreation sites in the Skilak Wildlife Recreation Area. The Skilak Lake Loop Road will not be open until the many, many hazards along the road and near the recreation sites have been dealt with and it is deemed safe for the public.

After fire lines have been cut and vegetation removed around buildings and infrastructure, firefighters still have to deal with the slash. That often involves chipping – a lot of it. Trees and branches chipped into small pieces may still burn, but not with the same intensity of a tree in the wind, for instance. #swanlakefire

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