Deshka Landing Fire Update Sunday, September 8

Suppression goals on the Deshka Landing Fire have been met.  “We’re right where we want to be,” said Field Operations Chief Dean Lange during the Saturday morning briefing of the firefighters, while also praising the firefighters for their hard work and accomplishments.

Field Operations Chief Dean Lange at the morning briefing.

Saturday afternoon, the fire’s last helicopter was released as all the major backhaul had been accomplished.  The Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) over the fire has been lifted.

Today (Sunday) firefighters will remain on the fire continuing to search for and extinguish any remaining hot spots near the fire’s perimeter.

The Pacific Northwest Incident Management Team 10 and the four remaining fire crews will be leaving on Monday.  “We’re hopeful we’ve done our part to bring a sense of normalcy back to the area,” said Incident Comander Alan Lawson.  “I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with the local agencies and community members in and around Willow and Big Lake.  I especially want to thank the Big Lake Lions Club who offered us the use of their Recreation Center to house our Incident Command Post. They did everything they could to help us do our job efficiently and make or stay comfortable.”

“I’m also thankful for the help from the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area,” he said.  “They provided our primary staging area, fire camp, and heliport. The cooperation and security they provided was exceptional.”

On Monday afternoon, the management of the Deshka Landing Fire will be turned over the State of Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry who will continue to monitor and patrol the area.  “A big thanks also goes out to the Division of Forestry,” Lawson added.  “They have been involved with this fire from day one and were an active partner through the whole process.

Closures:  The recent closures of portions of Game Management Unit 14A, State lands in the area, and the western portion of the Nancy Lake Recreation area remain. Details about the closures can be found at:

Emergency Burning Restrictions Lifted:  The emergency burn closure issued on August 21 on state, private and municipal lands in the Kenai Peninsula and Matanuska-Susitna Borough was rescinded at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, September 4. Open burning and burn barrels are still prohibited.  For more information go to

Weather:  Widespread wetting rain fell over the fire area on Saturday.  A continued chance for rain is forecast over the next several days.

Alan Lawson – Incident Commander
Dave Leitch – Deputy Incident Commander

Fire Information: (907) 715-9205                   
Facebook:  Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Acreage: 1,318              Containment:  95%           
Personnel:   144           Start Date: 08/17/2019


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