FAIRBANKS, AK — The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Central Yukon Field Office has temporarily closed public access to the Five Mile Campground located five miles north of the Yukon River bridge on the Dalton Highway. The closure is necessary to accommodate firefighters using the campground as they fight the Isom Creek Fire.

Entering the campground beyond the artesian well on the north side of the campground driveway is now prohibited without authorization from the BLM. Dalton Highway visitors may still use the artesian well, provided such use does not interfere with firefighter access to the campground. The temporary closure is effective until such time as occupancy of the campground by firefighting forces is no longer required.

For more information about this closure order, including the public lands involved, contact Craig McCaa (907-474-2231; or Tim Hammond (907-474-2210; For information on fire restrictions in Interior Alaska and statewide, contact the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center at 907-356-5511 or visit The BLM website also includes a list of current fire restrictions for BLM-managed public lands in Alaska. Information on the Isom Creek Fire is available by contacting or calling 907-356-5970. 


Isom Creek Email:

Public Information Phone: (907)356-5970   

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