Alatna River Fire near Allakaket shows little heat

(Fairbanks, Alaska) – A lightning-caused fire burning near Native allotments about eight miles northwest of Allakaket was attacked by smokejumpers Monday evening. A resident of the village witnessed the lightning strike, saw smoke afterwards and reported the fire. The Alatna River Fire (#275) was estimated at about two acres. Firefighters found few hot spots or smokes while gridding the fire today and reported that the fire did not burn very hot or deep into the duff layer of soil. Steady rain throughout the morning into early afternoon helped keep fire activity at a minimum as the crew searched for hot spots to extinguish. Firefighters plan to grid the fire checking for hotspots again before declaring it contained and demobilizing.

Map of Alatna River Fire
The Alatna River Fire started on June 15 and is burning eight miles norhwest of Allakaket. Rain helped firefighters as they worked to contain the fire. For a pdf of the map click here.

For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office at (907)356-5511. For a pdf of this report click here.

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