Haystack Fire Crews gridding, mop up and IA ready

Start Date: 06/14/2021               Location: 18 miles N of Fairbanks, AK

Cause: Lightning                         Fire Size: 927 acres

Containment: 100%                   Total Personnel: 264

(Fairbanks, AK) – With the Haystack Fire (#196) containment line complete, crews are focusing on control objectives, searching for hot spots in the burned area and the surrounding green vegetation. Infrared flights are providing fast and accurate information, greatly speeding up the process for mop-up. Drone pilots are capturing latitude and longitude of hot spots, directing crews to specific areas of concern.

Haystack Fire Information Map for Sunday, June 27
Click Here for a PDF copy

The infrared flights are more effective in cool weather, with greater temperature contrast between hot spots and surrounding areas. Moderate temperatures are forecast for several days. Unmanned aircraft system pilots are scheduled to fly several missions today and tomorrow to identify remaining hot spots.

The unmanned aircraft systems fly within the temporary flight restriction (TFR) that was established for the Haystack Fire to control aircraft in the vicinity of the fire, providing a safe operating environment for firefighting aircraft. Please respect the TFR; keep drones away from the fire and firefighting operations. If you fly, we can’t. Don’t be the reason a firefighting air mission has to divert! For more information on the TFR, visit https://tfr.faa.gov.

Sling loads of gear going out to the line by helicopter

Many thanks to the Upper Tanana Crew #2 and SRV Crew #12. They are ending their rotations today and will be heading home for rest before their next assignments. The Highlands Crew is presently monitoring the west side of the fire. Winema, Midnight Sun, and Tanana Chiefs crews are working the remaining grueling grid lines and responding to hot spots. White Mountain Crew is assisting the contingency group and ready to respond for initial attack in the region. Community members have expressed deep gratitude to all of the crews and their hard work!

The Moose Creek Cabin in the White Mountains National Recreation Area is closed due to proximity to the fire. The Bureau of Land Management will continue to monitor the fire status and resume reservations when firefighting efforts in the area are reduced.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Emergency Operations encourages residents to sign up for wildland fire information alerts issued by the borough by texting “FNSB2021Wildfire” to 226787.

Public Information: (907) 931- 8113        Email: 2021.Haystack@firenet.gov


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