Control objectives being met on the Haystack Fire

(Fairbanks, AK) – Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 29 will be the final update on the Haystack Fire (#196). The fire is 100 percent contained and the team is working hard to meet control objectives. The incident is expected to be transferred to the Division of Forestry on Thursday, July 1.

Four crews of firefighters are methodically walking the remaining grid lines, searching for hot spots, and monitoring the fire area. They are supported by a complex array of air operations. Drone pilots are slated to conduct another day of infrared missions. Helicopter crews continue to provide needed supplies to the fireline and ferry surplus equipment back to the supply unit for refurbishing and distribution to other fires.

Between June 18 and 26, an estimated 155,000 pounds of cargo and 451 passengers have been transported in 40.5 hours of flight time to support Haystack Fire suppression efforts. Behind the scenes, intricate planning for operations helps to orchestrate the complex supply, logistics, and communications to support the ground operations. The entire team is eager to complete the assignment as fire hazards and new ignitions flare in other parts of Alaska.

Haystack Fire Update for Monday, June 28
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The White Mountain Crew was assisting the contingency group for the Haystack Fire, ready to respond for initial attack in the region. Late yesterday afternoon they were deployed for initial attack for the Brock Road Fire (#294) near North Pole.

The temporary flight restriction (TFR) was established for the Haystack Fire to control aircraft in the vicinity of the fire, providing a safe operating environment for firefighting aircraft. Please respect the TFR; keep drones away from the fire and firefighting operations. If you fly, we can’t. Don’t be the reason a firefighting air mission has to divert! For more information on the TFR, visit

The Moose Creek Cabin in the White Mountains National Recreation Area is closed due to proximity to the fire. The Bureau of Land Management will continue to monitor the fire status and resume reservations when firefighting efforts in the area are reduced.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Emergency Operations encourages residents to sign up for wildland fire information alerts issued by the borough by texting “FNSB2021Wildfire” to 226787.

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