With containment complete and zero hotspots found the Haystack fire winds down

(Fairbanks, AK) – Progress continues on the Haystack Fire (#196) control objectives. A recent infrared flight showed no active hot spots within the fire perimeter. Incident management is expected to be transferred to the Division of Forestry Fairbanks Area on Thursday, July 1. Forestry will coordinate with land managers for the best opportunity to repair dozer lines created for fire suppression.

Land managers insist everyone stay out of the area due to numerous hazards that are common after a fire, including standing dead trees and ash pits. Falling limbs and trees can be lethal. Ash pits can cause serious injuries such as severe burns and broken bones due to falling. Stay on the traditional trails that existed before the fire. Do not approach or disturb instrumentation devices.

Haystack Fire Information Map Tuesday June 29
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The Haystack Fire burned in the Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed which supports long-term research on meteorology, hydrology, and ecology. Researchers now plan to study effects from the Haystack Fire. Access to the area is restricted to maintain the integrity of these important studies. The results of fire ecology research are important to many land managers and rural communities across Alaska.

With reduced fire activity, the Bureau of Land Management is again accepting reservations for the Moose Creek Cabin in the White Mountains National Recreation Area.

Controlled Line on the Haystack Fire

Please respect the temporary flight restriction (TFR) established for the Haystack Fire; keep drones away from the fire and firefighting operations. If you fly, we can’t. Don’t be the reason a firefighting air mission has to divert! For more information on the TFR, visit https://tfr.faa.gov.

Vegetation is very dry throughout the Fairbanks area. Fire behavior could be extreme if a new fire starts. Thankfully, the recent Brock Road fire was quickly extinguished due to crews and air resources on standby in the area. Please recreate safely over the July 4 holiday weekend. Keep your families and homes safe, as well as your favorite public lands and the crews that respond to wildfire incidents.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Emergency Operations encourages residents to sign up for wildland fire information alerts issued by the borough by texting “FNSB2021Wildfire” to 226787.

Public Information: (907) 931- 8113        Email: 2021.Haystack@firenet.gov


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