Use of fireworks is prohibited in many parts of Alaska during the fire season

Graphic with Smokey Bear and a fireworks sign.

While there isn’t a statewide fireworks ban in place for this coming Independence Day weekend, there are several existing regulations don’t allow these “illuminations” in most parts of Alaska during the summer. We suggest keeping those fireworks for the winter months when they’re actually visible instead of taking the risk of starting a wildfire. We want you to have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

During the fire season April 1 through August 31, Alaska state statute prohibits the use of fireworks on public or private “forested land” which by definition “includes all land on which grass, brush, timber, and other natural vegetative material grows.” (AS 41.15.170)

Fireworks are not allowed on all federal lands at any time.

Boroughs and municipalities may have their own ordinances addressing use of fireworks within its boundaries. For example, the Fairbanks North Star Borough doesn’t allow use of personal fireworks on it’s parks or facilities and use for an event requires a facility use agreement, additional insurance and must comply with all local and state regulations. Download link to read FNSB code addressing fireworks.

Some communities may issue orders to prohibit fireworks during periods of high fire danger like the City of North Pole did today. North Pole closed the sale of fireworks today due to current weather conditions and lack of available firefighting resources in Interior Alaska. See release below.

You could be liable for associated damages and suppression costs if you start a wildfire. (AS 41.15.155). You are responsible for any wildfire you start.

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