Arbor Day in Alaska is Monday, May 16

Arbor Day in Alaska is Monday, May 16. Governor Mike Dunleavy has issued a proclamation encouraging Alaskans young and old to get out and celebrate the day and the important role trees play in our lives.

This graphic shows a shovel full of dirt with a young sapling growing from it with the words Celebrate Alaska Arbor Day from the Alaska Community Forest Council.

The governor noted the many benefits of trees and forested lands; they absorb air pollutants, reduce the erosion of valuable topsoil by wind and water, enhance the allurement of landscapes of our homes, schools, and towns, reduce our heating and cooling costs, moderate temperature and provide habitat for Alaska’s plentiful wildlife.  

“Arbor Day has been expanded to encourage the planting and care of trees for the benefit of urban, community, and rural landscapes,” Dunleavy said. “Trees bring beauty into our communities and are a renewable resource; giving us paper, wood for construction, fuel for fires and countless other products.”

Whether you plant a tree or just take a stroll in the woods, do something to commemorate Arbor Day in Alaska on Monday. To learn more about planting and caring for trees, visit the Division of Forestry’s Community Forestry Program website at For a calendar of Arbor Day events in Alaska click here.

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