Special notice for Alaskan contractors with interest in fuel break installation

Alaskan contractors with interest to provide hazard fuel mitigation and/or fuel break installation to protect our communities across Alaska are requested to submit responses via email. Read the official Request for Information (RFI) here: http://notice.alaska.gov/206873

Current areas with proposed projects include Fairbanks, Tok, Delta, Glennallen, Wasilla, Houston, Willow, and Soldotna. The planned projects will be either shaded fuel breaks, mechanical treatments, or a combination of both. Responses from contractors must be received by no later than 2:00 PM Alaska Time on July 1, 2022.

The RFI reads in part: “Contractors, vendors or companies that believe they can provide personnel and/or equipment that can accomplish implementation of the above fuel mitigation projects, or projects of similar scope, should submit a response describing the type of equipment, experience, and availability they can offer. If you are already working with State/DOF on a fuels mitigation program, please declare that herein or do not respond. The intent is to capture new interests who have not already started working with DOF

This Request for Information does not constitute nor guarantee that the State will proceed with a solicitation for the requested services. The State is not responsible for any costs associated with the preparation of any response to this request. However, if this request draws sufficient interest from companies capable of providing the requested services, a solicitation may be issued.”

If submitting a response via email, the response may be emailed to michael.burkhead@alaska.gov and must contain the RFI Title in the subject line of the email: “Request for Information (RFI) Hazard Fuel Mitigation and Fuel Break Implementation”

All questions must be directed to the person listed below in writing via email:

Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry

Attention: Michael Burkhead
Address: 550 W. 7th Ave. Ste. 1450
Phone: 907-269-8461
Email: michael.burkhead@alaska.gov

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