Aggie Creek and Aggie Creek 2 fires north of Fairbanks

Firefighting crews are constructing saw line with hose lays on the 100-acre Aggie Creek Fire, (#284) burning west of the Elliot Highway, 25 miles north of Fairbanks. The lightning-caused fire spread rapidly Wednesday evening, casting embers ahead of it, starting several spot fires. Smokejumpers continue working on the remaining spot that still holds heat. Hotshot crews, Union, Wolf Creek, and Redmond are working up the right and left flanks from an anchor point on the heel of the fire, as they start building their containment line.

This is an aerial photograph showing the burned area of the Aggie Creek Fire with smoke rising from it.
Smoke rises from the Aggie Creek Fire (#284) on Friday afternoon, June 17, 2022, in the aerial photograph looking east, northeast. The red lines of retardant can be seen along the flanks of the fire. The yellow rain flies mark where firefighters camp’s are located. Tim Whitesell/Division of Forestry

While coordinating fire suppression efforts on the fire, Air Attack saw smoke rising between Aggie Creek Fire and the Elliot Highway. A new fire, Aggie Creek 2 (#291), believed to be a “holdover” from Wednesday’s lightning storm, is 1/2 an acre about 1.5 miles to the east. Aerial resources were redirected and started dropping water. The Alaska Division of Forestry Type 2 hand crew, Fairbanks 1, hiked to the new fire to start suppression efforts. They spent the night safely nearby and resumed work today with support from water dropping aircraft.

It is not unusual for a lightning strike to holdover and smolder before a breeze brings it to life. Detection reconnaissance flights are underway across the Interior as scattered thunderstorms move through.

This is a map showing the location of the Aggie Creek Fire (#284) and the Aggie Creek 2 Fire (#291) west of the Elliot Highway
The Aggie Creek Fire (#284) is four miles southwest of the Elliot Highway.

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