Higher Winds and Warmer Temperatures Pushed Clear Fire South Two Miles Yesterday

STATS: 4,413.8 acres

Location: 3.2 miles north of the Kobe Ag Subdivision, Anderson Subdivision, and Quota Subdivision

Personnel: 117

Start Date: June 21, 2022

Cause: Natural, Lightning

Fuels: A mix of tundra, brush, hardwoods, and black spruce

Clear, Alaska. – The fire is currently 3.2 miles north of the Kobe Ag, Quota, and Anderson Subdivisions (not Anderson City). These areas are still in a “Set” evacuation level. We encourage residents to remain aware of fire conditions as they could change throughout the day. Today, temperatures are expected to be similar to those yesterday which means there is potential for active fire behavior. Monitor the Denali Borough website and Facebook pages for updated information as it becomes available.

Higher temperatures and winds were greater than forecasted yesterday which increased fire activity on the southern flank throughout the day, pushing the fire two miles south.

Today, dozers and crews are working to connect 2 dozer barrier lines north of the Kobe Ag, Quota, and Anderson Subdivisions. Crews continue structure and Native allotment protection along the Teklanika River corridor. An air tanker delivered 2 drops to aid in direct attack on the southern flank of the fire last night.

Fire operations will transition to the Northwest Type 2 Incident Management Team #10. The Type 2 team is already onsite shadowing the fire team today, and will take over operational management of the fire beginning Sunday morning at 0700.

Ready: All areas including the City of Anderson, Clear, and Clear SFS.

Set: Anderson Subdivision, Kobe Ag Subdivision, Quota Subdivision, All cabins along the Teklanika River that are between two and five miles of the current fire perimeter

GO: All cabins along the Teklanika River that are within two miles of the current fire perimeter

As a reminder, The Denali Borough and the City of Anderson will be using the “Ready, Set, GO” format for any notices or evacuations during fire operations. “Ready” means you should work to prepare your property by creating defensible space. “Set” means you should prepare a “go kit” and include items such as prescription medications, emergency supplies, and important documents. Residents should have an action plan, and make sure you are familiar with your local emergency notification system. “GO” means you should grab your “go kit” and leave immediately.

Sheltering or evacuation related questions: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330 or visit https://denaliborough.org

Fire Information Contacts: Clear Fire Information, 907-356-5511; akfireinfo.com, and on the Alaska Division of Forestry and BLM Alaska Fire Service Facebook pages.

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