Northwest Compact at Work in Alaska

The Northwest Wildland Fire Protection Agreement – the Northwest Compact – is an operational plan, or “act” signed into law by Congress in 1998. It’s purpose is to help member agencies acquire wildland firefighting resources when they need them most. It’s members include wildfire and forest management agencies from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, the Yukon Territory, the Province of British Columbia, and the Province of Alberta.

The NW Compact enables resource orders to be submitted directly between member agencies, especially during periods of high fire activity. Costs of travel, payroll and reimbursement are covered by the hosting agency.

There are currently 54 firefighting personnel in Alaska ordered through the NW Compact, coming from British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and Oregon. They include incident commanders, helicopter managers and crew members, fixed-wing pilots, and firefighters to staff fire engines and fill several specialist positions. Ten Water-Scooping Fire Bosses or SEATs (Single-Engine Air Tankers) and an air attack plane are also in Alaska as part of the NW Compact.

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