Smokejumpers working to protect allotments, structures from Schilling Creek Fire (#294)

Twelve smokejumpers are working to protect historical structures and assess three nearby Native allotments along the south side of the Teedrinjik River, formerly known as the Chandalar River, from the Schilling Creek Fire (#294). The allotments are between 4 and 13 air miles from the fire perimeter.

Photo of forested landscape with wildfire smoke rising into the air.
The Schilling Creek Fire (#294) is pictured from the air on June 29, 2022. The fire is currently staffed by 12 smokejumpers. CREDIT: Lakota Burwell, BLM AFS

The fire is moving east, about 7.5 miles upriver from the confluence of the Teedrinjik and East Fork rivers and about 30 air miles northwest of Venetie.

The fire has been very active in the past 24 hours, burning through thick stands of black spruce. The fire is causing smoke in the area, resulting in limited visibility. There is a possibility the smoke may lift, allowing for better visibility in the afternoon.

Aircraft will be flying over the area this afternoon to identify additional opportunities for allotment and structure protection.

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