South Fork Fire starts outside Delta Junction

Fire crews responded to a new fire outside Delta Junction the evening of July 2. The South Fork Fire (#427) is burning roughly 10 air miles to the northeast of the city and 7.5 air miles from the mouth of the Goodpaster River. The fire is estimated at just over 100 acres and may threaten recreational cabins and structures in the vicinity.

The fire was discovered as seven spot fires burning within a 3-mile area. They are believed to have been started by lightning. Multiple aircraft, including air tankers, scoopers and a helicopter worked suppression efforts from the air while eight smokejumpers were deployed to secure a helipad and begin suppression efforts. Additional firefighters are scheduled to be inserted today to assist with assessments and structure protection.

The South Fork Fire is burning in a mix of fuels on the ridge above the river. Crews are determining appropriate firefighting strategies for attacking the fire from the ground.

The FAA has instituted a Temporary Flight Restriction around the South Fork Fire, beginning July 3. Click here for details.

Updates on the South Fork Fire will be released when available. Click here for PDF map of the area.

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