Firefighters and Aircraft Continue Coordinated Protection Efforts for Communities in the Clear Fire Area

A helicopter is prepared to assist firefighters on the Clear Fire

(Clear, Alaska) – There will be a COMMUNITY MEETING to share information on the Clear Fire on THURSDAY, July 7th at 7:30pm at the Anderson Fire Hall, 911 D Street, Anderson, AK. The meeting will also be broadcast live on the Alaska DNR Division of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Facebook page.

Weather: Today should be partly cloudy with a chance of showers and a 25% chance of thunderstorms. Relative humidity should increase slightly, but drier weather is forecasted to return over the weekend. Stronger southeasterly winds (with gusts up to 20 mph) are possible on the east side of the fire today.

Fire Activity: On the northwest side of the fire in Division (Div) O, fire activity remains minimal with no immediate threat to structures. Yesterday, crews monitored the area and mopped-up to a depth of at least 100 ft. The spot across the Teklanika River is being controlled and monitoring will continue today in Div O. The Clear Fire also has a “River Group” situated on the northwest section. These personnel are assisting with the transportation of crews in and out of the fire area by boat, patrolling the northwest portion of the fire and assisting Divs O and A as needed.

On the north side of the fire in Div A, fire is creeping and smoldering. There is still heat, so yesterday firefighters improved line and created more depth in the fire breaks around the structures in this area. Today, they will keep working these fire breaks along the length of Div A. In the northeast section of the fire in Div B, there is minimal fire activity with light smoldering in some places. Crews here will keep constructing saw line today and performing mop-up operations. They are also plumbing the area (laying in hoses) should water be needed to suppress fire or support mop-up activities.

On the east side of the fire in Div G, fire activity was minimal yesterday along the north-south dozer line on the west side of Kobe Ag. There was some increased fire activity on the north side of the Kobe Ag area, but the east-west dozer line held. Crews built direct line along the eastern edge of the perimeter with the assistance of helicopters that dropped water to cool the area, allowing firefighters to work. Hose lays are also being placed along this line. Today, crews will keep building and securing this fire line in anticipation of possible wind on the eastern side of the fire. Helicopters will support these efforts as conditions allow.

On the south side of Kobe Ag in Div K, the fire had some southeastern movement. Yesterday, crews progressed southeastward along the dozer line, working to connect fire line into the marshy areas south of Kobe Ag and out toward the Parks Hwy. They will continue this work today, with the plan of building fire line right up to the highway. Firefighters in Div K plan to construct direct fire line along the southeastern-most finger of the fire today. Helicopters will assist these efforts as conditions allow. Crews are still working to gain better access to structures on the southern-most tip of the fire. On the southwest edge (also Div K), fire remains checked by natural barriers, and aircraft are monitoring for any changes.

In and around the city of Anderson, crews in Div F have strategically placed several water tanks and have planned out hose lays. These resources will be ready and available if burning/fuel reduction operations or protection measures become necessary. Firefighters have been creating community protection lines around Anderson and assessing structures in the area. They will continue this this work today. Engines will patrol overnight in the city of Anderson and in Kobe Ag (Divs G and K).

Ready (Prepare your property):  All areas WEST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 264 – 269, including Bear Creek and June Creek areas.
Set (Prepare your “go bag”):  All areas WEST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 269 – 274. The city of Anderson, Clear and Clear Space Force Station. All areas EAST of the Nenana River between Parks Highway MP 275 – 302. All cabins along the Teklanika River between two and five miles of the current fire perimeter.
GO (Evacuate now) :  All areas accessed by Kobe Road. All cabins along the Teklanika River within two miles of the current fire perimeter.

Sheltering or evacuation-related information: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330, see the Borough’s Facebook page or visit   All other fire information: Clear Fire Information, (907) 290-2921; Alaska Fire Information, (907) 356-5511;,, and on the Alaska Division of Forestry and BLM Alaska Fire Service Facebook pages.

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