Over 3,000 Lightning Strikes Reported in the Upper Yukon Zone

Yesterday, thunderstorms across Alaska were concentrated in the Upper Yukon Zone resulting in over 3,000 lightning strikes. Fortunately, many of these storms included some precipitation but firefighters will be watching for new starts in the coming days as a result of these storms.

BLM Alaska Fire Service Wildfire Update Upper Yukon Zone
Wildfire Update- Upper Yukon Zone

Biederman Fire (#458) – The fire is currently 1.5 miles from the structures that firefighters have been working to protect. A boat operated by the National Park Service, based out of Eagle, AK, has been assigned to the incident and is helping move firefighters to get access around the fire during their burn operations. Resources will remain in the area until weather conditions allow them to burn out the line as the fire approaches in the coming days.

Schilling Creek Fire (#294)/ North Fork (#340) – The fire has grown to just under 49,000 acres. Additional firefighters are in place on the Eastern flank and are continuing to remove vegetation around the allotment boundaries in preparation for potential burn operations.

Map of the Schilling Creek Fire (#296) and North Fork Fire (#340) on July 8, 2022.

Bearman Fire (#444) – With structure protection in place, firefighters are focusing on cutting along allotment lines and putting hoselines in place. The fire remains just under 200 acres with 53 personnel assigned. An incident management organization is in place in Ft. Yukon to coordinate resources and oversee the incident.

Map of the Bearman Fire (#444) on July 8, 2022

Goose Fire (#395)/ Belle(#398) – While other areas of the zone have received rain and lightning, weather over the Goose and Bell Fires has remained clear, hot, and sunny. Firefighters have begun to improve allotment lines and put equipment in place for potential burn operations.

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