Light rainfall across the Bean Complex moderates fire behavior

A line of showers moved over the Complex  yesterday morning and most of the incidents received at least trace amounts of precipitation. Recorded rainfall amounts ranged up to a high total of .16 inches. This light precipitation, higher relative humidity, and lingering smoke has moderated observed fire behavior and fire spread. Overall, fuels are still very dry and will support fire spread after short periods of warm and dry conditions. Thunderstorms are still in the forecast for later today and this evening. Critically dry fuel conditions and the threat of wet and dry thunderstorms are contributing to the Red Flag Warning conditions until midnight today.

Smoke is limiting visibility and the ability for aerial resources to reach all areas of the Complex, impacting the ability to deliver much needed supplies and logistical support.

There are 228 people assigned to these fires, which total 172,268 acres. The three active fires are under a point zone protection strategy which consists of taking steps to protect sites of value such as cabins, lodges and Native allotments. Today, firefighters will identify and assess values at risk in the potential path of these fires, and conduct point protection work on high priority areas.

  • The Hutlinana Fire (#327) is north of the Tanana River, roughly 10 miles east of Manley Hot Springs. It is 90% contained and being patrolled by air.
  • The Tanana River Fire (#310) is at 23,620 acres. Approximately 48 structures and 4 Native Allotments could be impacted by the fire. Resources continue mop up behind firing operations in the Tanana Roadhouse area, and widening and clearing vegetation from a trail to be used as a secondary fuel break between there and Deadman’s Lake. As the fire progresses, structures are continually being evaluated closer to the Tanana River. This fire is north of the Tanana River about 14 miles southeast of Manley Hot Springs.
  • The Bitzshitini Fire (#312) is at 64,164 acres. Twelve structures have the potential to be impacted by this fire. Firefighters continue to hold and improve the mop up work around the cabins to the north and east of this fire, and prepare for firing operations as necessary to protect values at risk. This fire is about 23 miles southwest of Manley Hot Springs, south of the Tanana River.
  • The Chitanana Fire (#315) now totals 84,076 acres.Nineteen structures and Native Allotments have the potential to be impacted by this fire. Protection of the structures around Mooseheart Lake is of increasing concern as the fire maintains a pattern of steady growth each day. Crews continue mopping up around the cabins, allotments, and other structures in the area and conducting firing operations as necessary.

The State Forester for the Alaska Division of Forestry & Fire Protection issued an Emergency Burn Closure Order at 11:59 p.m. on July 1, 2022, It restricts all burning that requires a local or state burn permit, including uncontained cooking, warming, and signaling fires. With the additional risk of thunderstorms, it is critical to do your part to prevent new fires.

For more information, contact Bean Complex at email:; or 907-921-2454

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