Firefighters gain ground on many Upper Yukon Zone fires, fire managers monitor progress and shift resources.

Firefighters were grateful for moderate weather and are wrapping up several of the 54 active fires in the Upper Yukon Zone. Currently 5 fires are staffed including 1 new start that smokejumpers contained last night at 1.5 acres. Fire Managers are evaluating the assignments of firefighters and their equipment as they shift toward the highest priority incidents.

BLM Alaska Fire Service Wildfire Update Upper Yukon Zone
Wildfire Update- Upper Yukon Zone

Bearman Fire (#444) – The fire remained within the existing footprint yesterday at 521 acres. The fire currently has 39 firefighters assigned. The 20 Texas Canyon Hotshots will be leaving the fire today and returning to Ft. Yukon for reassignment, with the remaining overhead and Mendicino Hotshots wrapping up and placing the fire into monitor status by the end of the week. The current incident management organization is in place in Fort Yukon to coordinate resources and oversee the incident.

Biederman Fire (#458) – Firefighters continue to mop up and improve the containment line around the fire. Precipitation and ground moisture are aiding the 24 firefighters assigned to the incident. Support from a National Park Service boat and operator based in Eagle, AK has been assisting with moving firefighters and equipment on the Yukon River. Work is expected to continue for the next 2 days before crews return to Fairbanks for reassignment.

Fires across the Upper Yukon Zone as of July 13, 2022
Fires across the Upper Yukon Zone as of July 13, 2022

Schilling Creek Fire (#294)/ North Fork (#340) – The fire received rain overnight and winds remain light. This has allowed the 14 firefighters assigned to the fire to make good progress. This afternoon some personnel will be moved to other priority fires in the Zone. Firefighters anticipate that the remaining work will be complete in 3 days.

Goose Fire (#395)/ Belle(#398) – The break in the weather has reduced fire activity and allowed firefighters to complete installing hose lines and working around allotments. Two new structures in the area have been identified and will be surveyed today and evaluated to determine if protection is needed. Some firefighters will be moved to fire #569 today to replace the smokejumpers who are being returned to Ft. Yukon for other priority fires.

Hadweenzic (#569) – This is a new start near Beaver that was reported yesterday. 12 smokejumpers responded and reported that the fire is currently at 1.5 acres. They have established a containment line around the fire. Due to the dry area where the fire is located and lack of water sources, a dry mop-up tactic is anticipated to take 3 days. 10 Medicino Hotshots will be moved to the fire today to swap with 10 smokejumpers who will return for reassignment to other emerging fires.

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