Six more lightning-caused fires detected in Central Alaska

Six more lightning-caused fires were detected Tuesday in the Tanana Zone that covers Central Alaska – one generating a swift response while others are being closely monitored by fire officials. There are 59 active fires burning in the Tanana Zone that encompasses 44.5 million acres in the northern middle section of Alaska. Of those, 2 are staffed. 

Elephant Fire (#561): 128 acres with 0% containment. Once detected, several aircraft and 12 smokejumpers were immediately assigned and, coupled with the precipitation that was received yesterday, they were able to make good progress. A hotshot crew is en route to the incident. The fire is in an area of dense brush and a hard to access drainages. Despite these challenges, firefighters are working diligently to protect values at risk near the community of Eureka and the Eureka Rampart Road. Fire suppression resources are working toward securing fireline around perimeter.

Mission Fire (#566): located roughly 7 miles northwest of the town of Tanana, is approximately 10 acres and is situated within an area burned in 2015. Fire managers do not anticipate much growth and are going to monitor the fire for the next several operation periods before committing resources.

Gold Pan Fire (#565): 5 acres, located approximately 8.5 miles south of Rampart. 

Cosna Bluff (#564): About 20 miles southwest of Manley Hot Springs on the north side of the Tanana River just north of the Bean Complex’s Chitanana Fire. It was reported as 1.5 acres. 

Moose Creek (#560): 0.1 acre, located approximately 13 miles northwest of Rampart and is closely being monitored.

Fort Hamlin Hills (#562): 5 acres, approximately 14 miles north where the Dalton Highway intersects the Yukon River and being closely monitored.


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