Weather moderates fire behavior on Little Chena River Fire

Skies cleared over the Little Chena River Fire (#499) yesterday allowing the use of aircraft over the fire area for both logistical and tactical support. Multiple helicopters were able to be utilized for shuttling crews to different areas of the fire as well as bucket drops to support fire suppression efforts.

Blackhawk Helicopter assisting with crew shuttles out to the Little Chena River Fire. Photo credit: Alaska Division of Forestry and Fire Protection

The fire showed minimal activity yesterday and overnight but was still smoldering this morning around the active flanks. The priorities are securing the fire’s edge and setting up hoses and pumps to be in place when the fire becomes active. 

More fire crews are anticipated over the next couple days to join in the suppression efforts to secure the active perimeter. 

The fire remains at 122 acres and is located approximately 11 miles northeast of the Fort Knox mine, and 19 miles northeast of Fox.  

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