Cool damp weather and high water coming to the Bean Complex

Bean Complex Public Information Map July 14, 2022

A cold front pushed through the area early Wednesday, bringing gusty northwest winds and showers to the area. Manley Hot Springs reported 0.14 inches of rainfall. Much cooler conditions settled in over the region in the wake of the cold front, with temperatures in the 60s Wednesday afternoon, rising humidity and west-to-northwest winds of 6 to 12 mph. Similar temperatures can be expected today, with drier conditions and lighter westerly winds. Because of the long-term drought, any dry day and a light breeze can cause fire to spread. Low to moderate fire spread is predicted for today.

A return to wetter conditions is predicted Friday as the next weather system moves in, bringing increasing shower chances into Saturday. Cooler and wetter conditions are expected to continue into next week. The National Weather Service office in Fairbanks has issued a Flood Watch for the Tanana River due to rising river levels from rainfall and accelerated snowmelt.

Of the four fires in the Bean Complex, three are under a point protection strategy which consists of taking steps to protect sites of value such as cabins, lodges and Native Allotments. The fourth is the Hutlinana Fire (#327), under a strategy of full containment. The fires now total 186,245 acres and 251 people are assigned.

On the Tanana River Fire (#310), firefighters continue fire line construction to further suppress spot fires to the northwest and southwest of the Tolovana River. Firefighters are continuing mop up efforts around the Tolovana Roadhouse, intending to complete that work in the next few days. Approximately 58 structures and four Native allotments could be impacted by the fire. This fire is north of the Tanana River about 14 miles southeast of Manley Hot Springs. The fire is at 23,725 acres.

On the Bitzshitini Fire (#312), about 23 miles southwest of Manley Hot Springs and south of the Tanana River, firefighters have completed setting up point protection for structures. This includes removing vegetation near structures and installing temporary sprinkler systems if necessary. The fire is now unstaffed and in patrol by air status. This fire has grown to 68,585 acres.

On the Chitinana Fire (#315), firefighters continue to mop up, secure, and monitor around cabins, other structures, and allotments within the fire area. This fire is south of the Tanana River about 21 miles southeast of Tanana and 24 miles southwest of Manley Hot Springs. In the Mooseheart Lake area, firefighters have conducted firing operations as the fire progresses south, to burn out fuel in the fire’s path to protect allotments and structures. The fire is at 93,528 acres.

The Hutlinana Fire (#327), north of the Tanana River roughly 10 miles east of Manley Hot Springs, remains at 90% containment and 407 acres. It is unstaffed and in air patrol status.

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