Firefighters Continue to Monitor & Protect Structures Near New Fires in the Tanana Zone

On Tuesday, July 12th, six lightning-caused fires were detected in the Tanana Zone that covers Central Alaska. Two fires, Elephant (#561) and Cosna Bluff (#564) have fire crews and the four remaining fires are being monitored.  

Elephant Fire (#561): 128 acres, located approximately 3 miles north of the community of Eureka. Yesterday’s suppression efforts resulted in significant progress, with fireline established around 90% of the fire perimeter.  The fire increased 28 acres from yesterday; however, moderating weather conditions resulted in reduced fire activity today. Firefighters continue to protect the values at risk near the community of Eureka. Crews will continue to secure the line by fully connecting the perimeter and extinguishing hotspots where detected.

Moose Creek (#560): 116 acres, located approximately 13 miles northwest of Rampart. The fire grew in size yesterday from 0.1 acres to 116 acres. It remains in monitoring status.

Fort Hamlin Hills (#562): 468 acres, approximately 14 miles north where the Dalton Highway intersects the Yukon River. The fire grew in size yesterday, increasing by 463 additional acres. It remains in monitoring status.

Map of Tanana Zone Fires.

Cosna Bluff (#564): 1.5 acres, approximately 20 miles southwest of Manley Hot Springs on the north side of the Tanana River just north of the Bean Complex’s Chitanana Fire. Several smokejumpers have been assigned and are enroute to protect allotments and values at risk.

Gold Pan Fire (#565): 70 acres, located approximately 8.5 miles south of Rampart near Ruby Creek on Baldry Mountain.  The fire grew in size by 65 additional acres from yesterday; however, today there is a decrease in fire activity. The fire is being monitored by aerial resources and fire managers are planning to possibly reassign smokejumper resources from the Cosna Bluff #564 fire to this fire once it is wrapped up.

Mission Fire (#566):  located roughly 7 miles northwest of the town of Tanana, it is approximately 10 acres, with no fire growth from yesterday. Several smokejumpers and aerial resources are enroute to perform fire suppression activities.

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