Crews flown and boated out of the Middle Tanana Complex; structure protection equipment remains in place

Rains across the Middle Tanana Complex have reduced activity on the fires burning in the areas of Shaw Creek, Salcha, and Goodpaster rivers. Evacuation notices are reduced to Level 1 “Ready” for all areas in the complex, including the unincorporated areas near Delta Junction. Property owners are advised to stay alert as a change in fire activity may cause a change in evacuation status. 

The Spotted Bear wildland fire module has completed its structure protection mission along the Salcha River corridor. They will boat and fly out. Pumps, hose lays, and sprinklers will remain in place until the threat from the Yukon Creek Fire has passed. If fire activity increases, crews will go back in to start pumps and monitor sprinkler systems. 

Along Shaw Creek Road towards the Pogo Mine, the Yukon wildland fire module continues monitoring and patrolling the area and ensuring the power lines and travel to the mine remain unaffected. They are searching for any pockets of heat and extinguishing them. 

Today, the Kaniksu wildland fire module will complete its structure protection mission around cabins and buildings on the north side of the Goodpaster River corridor. Pumps, hose lays, and sprinklers will remain in place after they depart. If South Fork Fire activity increases, crews will go back in to start pumps and monitor sprinkler systems. 

The Porcupine, Gilles, Marshall Mountain, and California Creek fires are in monitor status. 

Photo of the south end of the South Fork Fire. Small mountains in the distance with a burned area in the center. Black spruce and other vegetation in the foreground and mid-photo. A grass wetland is in the middle of the photo. The sky is blue.
South end of the South Fork Fire, taken on July 15.
Photo Credit Mike Behrens, Northern Rockies IMT 3 Incident Commander (t).


The following locations are in READY status: The residents off the road system and recreational cabins in the Lower Salcha River, Middle Salcha River, and Upper Salcha River Zones; along the Goodpaster River from river mile 0 to river mile 8.6, and river mile 8.6 to river mile 33.9; from the confluence with the South Fork Goodpaster River to Seven Mile Creek; the group of cabins along the Goodpaster River at the mouth of Central Creek; Shaw Creek Road and the Pogo Mine area.  


A trough exiting the region today will cause the rain to decrease in the afternoon and evening with breezy conditions. Temperatures will range from the upper 50s to the lower 60s with minimum relative humidity in the 50s. Sunday will have some isolated light rain showers, with another round of rain coming Sunday night. The long-range forecast calls for below average temperatures and above average precipitation through the end of July. 

Temporary Flight Restrictions

Temporary Flight Restrictions are in place over the Gold Hub Fire. Flight restrictions are for any aircraft, including drones. If you fly, we can’t! 


Visit for the current Smoke Outlook for Interior Alaska.  

Fire Information

Fire Information Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM 

Phone: 907-921-2548 | Email:  


Image of the Middle Tanana Complex with perimeters for the Yukon Creek, Marshall Mountain, Central Creek, Central Creek Airstrip, Porcupine Creek, South Fork, Gold Hub, California Creek, and Gilles Creek fires. It also has areas in Ready evacuation status marked in green.
Middle Tanana Complex Fire Map – July 16, 2022

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