Smokejumpers and hotshots make steady progress on fires near Rampart and Tanana

As a result of a swift response and favorable weather, fire resources were able to limit the spread of recent fires located near Rampart and Tanana. In the next few days these fires will be managed by the Bean Complex and Dalton Highway Complex teams.

New fire starts on the tanana zone that are shown as red dots
Location of newer incidents on the Tanana Zone

Moose Creek Fire (#560): Located approximately 13 miles northwest of Rampart. It is estimated at 116 acres. The fire will transition to the Dalton Highway Complex in the next few days.

Elephant Fire (#561): 128 acres. It is located approximately 3 miles north of the community of Eureka. The fire received a good amount of precipitation yesterday. Smokejumpers and the Texas Canyon hotshots are currently working the fire and expecting to remain on scene for the next few days. The Bean Complex will take over management of the fire in the coming days.

Fort Hamlin Hills Fire (#562): 468 acres, approximately 14 miles north where the Dalton Highway intersects the Yukon River. Moderate activity was reported yesterday and crews are continuing to work areas of remaining heat. The Dalton Highway Complex will assume management of this fire in the next few days.

Cosna Bluff Fire (#564): 2 acres currently. Precipitation fell over the fire yesterday and crews are continuing to work on opening up areas of heat. The Bean Complex will assume command of this fire.

Gold Pan Fire (#565): 70 acres near Ruby creek. Minimal fire activity was observed yesterday. The Dalton Highway Complex will manage this fire.

Mission Fire (#566): Located 7 miles northwest of Tanana and is approximately 60 acres. The fire received precipitation yesterday. Firefighters cut a fire break around most of the fire yesterday, and are continuing that work today.

For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Joint Information Center at (907)356-5511 or

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