Continued rain is expected through the week on the Minto Lakes Fire.

Firefighters continue to take advantage of the continued precipitation and are working hard to improve and maintain containment of the fire. These include areas of heat left in the deep duff. Resources continue to mop up and back haul equipment no longer needed across all Divisions. Repair work is being done in areas where suppression efforts were successfully completed.

Please continue to limit unnecessary travel to areas around the fire perimeter where fire personnel are working. This includes the Murphy Dome area down to the MDR Boat Ramp and the Chatanika River. Equipment and fire fighters are working around the Hayes and Himilaya Subdivisions, please use caution in these areas.

The fire activity diminished further today due to precipitation, excellent humidity recovery, and cooler temperatures. The incident focus is shifting to securing the footprint of the fire and maintaining the fire within it. Helicopters and boats are being utilized to retrieve equipment no longer needed. Firefighters will continue to mop up and tactically patrol around the values at risk. Heavy equipment is beginning suppression repair of the dozer line that was put in place to protect the communities east of the fire. Structure preparation work has been completed, among the communities of Himilaya and Hayes Creek and un-needed supplies are being removed. Along the Chatanika river moving west from the communities of the Himilaya/Hayes Creek assessments along the river, as well as the structure group around the Murphy Dome area have been completed and logged for later use. Crews continue to reinforce fire line and mop up heat around the Native allotments on the southwestern flank. Resource Advisors have been assigned to the incident for the protection of both natural and cultural resources and endangered species.


For the Fairbanks North Star Borough Emergency Operations evacuation map. Follow the FNSB Government Facebook page ( for updates and notifications. Receive FNSB Emergency Alerts via text message by texting: FNSBWildFire2022 to 67283. Follow the FNSB Government Facebook page ( for updates and notifications. Receive FNSB Emergency Alerts via text message by texting: FNSBWildFire2022 to 67283.


Rain is expected again today. Temperatures are forecast to be in mid 50s to low 60’s. Minimum humidity will be in the 50 to 60 percent range. Winds will be light and variable at 5 mph in the valleys and in the 5-10 mph from the south on the slopes and ridgetops.


State of Alaska, Emergency Burn Closure was lifted as of July 14, 2022, at 9 am please visit for more information. The Alaska Bureau of Land Management has issued a Fire Closure Order for the White Mountain National Recreation Area. The following trails are closed: Wickersham Creek Trail, Trail Creek Trail (between the junction with Wickersham Creek Trail and the junction with Moose Creek Trail), Moose Creek Trail, and Summit Trail. The following BLM public use cabins and shelters are closed: Lee’s Cabin, Eleazar’s Cabin, Moose Creek Cabin, Summit Trail Shelter, Wickersham Creek Trail Shelter. For more information, visit or call the Fairbanks District Office at 907-474-2200.  Alaska State Parks has closed the Whitefish Lake Campground and boat ramp

Minto Lakes Fire Map for July 17, 2022 click here for PDF version

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