More containment line completed in Dalton Highway Complex

Warmer temperatures are expected today across the Interior, with shower activity becoming more minimal. While all fires have received precipitation for several days, fire history in Alaska has shown that the duff layer creates a unique fuel where wildfire can burn deep beneath the surface and smolder for days and even weeks, reigniting fuels at the surface when weather conditions become favorable. With this knowledge, firefighters are maintaining in a state of readiness despite the reduction in fire behavior in the past several days due to the wet weather. The ongoing wet weather allowed firefighters to put containment lines around the Idaho Bar Fire (#555), and they will continue to mop up hot spots in the northeast corner. Fire crews continued work on preparatory actions on community and cultural sites in and around Rampart.The MM 125 Fire (#441) showed minimal fire behavior; crews continue work on hotspots on the southern perimeter to keep it east of Dalton Highway. The Curky Fire (#318), Prospect Fire (#494), Troublesome Fire (#359),and Huron Fire (#372) all remained inactive. With the decrease in overall fire activity on the complex, personnel are beginning the process of removing tools and equipment from the field.

Burned vegetation alongside the Dalton Highway as part of the Douglas Fire with rolling hills and gray skies in the background
Douglas Fire (#336) alongside the Dalton Highway south of Coldfoot, AK.
Photo Credit: Jeff Hinson, CAIIMT 14.

Firefighters continue to check on all fires within the complex to ensure that all appropriate actions are being taken.The Little Salt Fire (#521), and Idaho Bar Fire (#555) are full suppressionfires. Crews will continue to monitor smoke and mop up hot spots in the Fort Hamlin Hills Fire (#562) on the east side of the Dalton Highway and the Idaho Bar Fire (#555) located southeast of Rampart.

Dalton Highway Complex (89,100 acres): The acreage total includes all fires in the Dalton Highway Complex. The largest or most active fires in the complex are:

  • Curky Fire (#318): 28,961 acres, located 4.5 miles west of MP 84 on the Dalton highway
  • Douglas Fire (#336): 23,124 acres, located on both sides of the Dalton Highway between MP 141 and MP 149
  • Fort Hamlin Hills Fire (#562): 615 acres, located between MP 70 and MP 73 on the Dalton Highway
  • Huron Fire (#372): 18,822 acres, located between Rampart and the Dalton Highway
  • Idaho Bar Fire (#555): 112 acres, located 4.5 miles southeast of Rampart
  • MM 125 Fire (#441): 2,986 acres, located between MP 121 and MP 125 on the Dalton Highway
  • Troublesome Fire (#359): 13,282 acres, located 11.5 miles east of Rampart
Dalton Highway Complex Map 7.20.22

Fire Weather: Warmer temperatures are expected today across the Interior, with shower activity becoming more isolated to scattered in nature.

Closures: Arctic Circle Campground is closed due to firefighting activity. Arctic Circle Wayside (sign location) is open.

Public Safety: When driving on the Dalton Highway, use caution, have patience with the firefighting effort, and always drive with headlights on. The road is narrow; pulling over to stop on the shoulder is discouraged.

Contact Information:, 907-921-2547 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily)

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