Cold trailing and suppression repair ongoing for Clear Fire

Update for the Clear Fire – August 1, 2022

Size: 72,191 | Completion: 77% | Personnel: 127 | Cause: Natural, lightning

Fire activity on the Clear Fire was minimal Sunday with the exception of one spot on the southern end of the fire. An aerial reconnaissance flight located the small smoke column after multiple days of dry, warm weather. Crews are scouting Monday morning for a location to build a helispot that will allow firefighters to gain access to the area. This fire activity is within the perimeter of the fire and does not pose a threat to control lines at this time.

The Lucky Peak Rappel Crew from Boise, ID was flown into the southern end of the fire with the mission to improve a helicopter landing spot to be used for crew and gear shuttles. Once the landing spot was complete, the Alaska Division of Forestry and Fire Protection (DOF) White Mountain Type 2 Initial Attack (IA) crew was flown into the southern end. They will work over the upcoming days to locate and extinguish any remaining hotspots.  DOF crews, Pioneer Peak Hotshots and the Gannet Glacier T2 IA crew are also working along the southern end. All three crews are cold trailing, checking for heat, removing hazard trees, and cutting and stacking vegetation to significantly reduce any chance of further fire spread.

Multiple male firefighters wearing green and yellow clothing and a male pilot place gear into a white and blue helicopter. Mostly cloudy sky and trees in background. Mix of gear sit on ground.
The Lucky Peak Rappel Crew load gear and prepare for flight to southern end of the Clear Fire where they will improve a helispot to be used for gear and crew shuttles.
In the distance, approximately 10 firefighters in green pants, yellow shirts, and white helmets stand next to a white helicopter and wait to board for a shuttle flight to the fire.  A black car is parked on the pavement a distance away from the aircraft. Cloudy sky, mountain range and green trees in background.
White Mountain Type 2 IA crew waiting for a shuttle flight to the fire line where they will be working over the next several days

A repair group remains in place to repair dozer and control lines put in place during fire suppression efforts on the eastern-southeastern portion of the fire.  This includes the use of heavy equipment and hand crews to place vegetation on top of exposed soil to reduce erosion and restore the land back to pre-fire conditions as much as possible. Covering these control lines and dozer lines will also prevent access and reduce further impacts to the land. Fairbanks #1, a DOF Type 2 hand crew is part of the repair group and is actively working to locate any remaining heat by gridding and cold trailing. To do this work, the crew moves through the burned area in a line, shoulder to shoulder; using un-gloved hands to check for heat within the soil and vegetation such as stumps and downed trees. This can be a slow-going process with the crew covering an area of about one mile in distance for the day.

3 firefighters in green pants, yellow shirts, yellow hardhats, wearing a pack, holding different tools bend down to move their bare hand through the dirt to feel for heat.  Ground is black and brown from fire burn with a mix of trees that have green, golden or brown leaves.
Fairbanks #1 moves across the burned landscape. Each firefighter uses an un-gloved hand to check for any remaining heat in the soil and vegetation

Weather forecasted for the next two days includes cool temperatures with the chance of isolated thunderstorms and light winds. A drying trend is expected to move into the area starting Wednesday and Thursday.

The Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place over the fire area. All non-mission aircraft and drones must avoid the area outlined in the TFR for the safety of aircraft supporting the Clear Fire and firefighters on the ground. Go to to stay informed of any modifications to the TFR. Remember, If You Fly, We Can’t!

Fire Loss & Suppression Repair: Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330

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Clear Fire Public Information Map for August 1, 2022 shows fire perimeter and geographic features.
Clear Fire Public Information Map for August 1, 2022.
No change in acreage has occurred since July 27, 2022

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