Caution with burning advised as 2022 Burn Permits end August 31st 

The Alaska Division of Forestry & Fire Protection (DOF) asks the public to remain vigilant in their safe burning practices throughout the fall since today, August 31st, is the last day Burn Permits are required in 2022. 

It was a very active fire season with 356 wildfires in DOF’s jurisdiction, 231 of which were classified as “human caused”, as of today. We are very fortunate there were no human caused fires of any significant size that occurred within critical wildland urban interface zones like those that occurred under similar fire conditions in 2015 and 2019. The Division thanks the public for their cooperation and acknowledges the hard work from prevention officers, initial attack crews, and Emergency Firefighters (EFF) across the state that helped keep communities safe through extensive public education efforts and critical incident response. 

Pioneer Peak Hotshot crew member Louis Olmedo lights properly prepared slash pile in safe burning conditions during 2022 training. Kale Casey/Alaska Division of Forestry & Fire Protection

DOF reminds Alaskans that dead material like fallen leaves, dried grasses, and brush piles are still ignitable fuels under the right conditions. Until we have snow on the ground, fuels can burn just as well in the fall as we’ve seen them burn in the spring. Making sure burn piles are completely extinguished before winter is imperative so fires cannot holdover in the duff layer and reignite in the spring.  

Please continue to follow the safe burning practices this season: Do not burn within 30’ of structures and power lines, keep sufficient water to immediately extinguish fire and a tool close by when burning, clear at least 10 feet of ground to mineral soil surrounding burn piles and barrels, stay with burn piles and campfires until the fire is completely out and cold to the touch. Thank you for helping prevent late season wildfires and remember, Take Time to Learn Before You Burn.   

Safe burning practices provided by DOF, available at

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