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Final Update for Chetaslina and Long Fires

COPPER CENTER, AK – With the increase of precipitation received over the Chetaslina and Long fires in the past several days, fire activity continues to be minimal. Fire personnel will continue to monitor these fires and will conduct another reconnaissance flight in several days once the fuels have an opportunity to dry out. Fire activity […]

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Chetaslina and Long Fire Update: Why Monitor Fires?

COPPER CENTER, AK – The local area has received rainfall over the last few days allowing Wrangell-St. Elias to lift the campfire restrictions in the park and preserve. The use of gas grills and barbeques at campsites are allowed. Fire activity on the monitored Chetaslina (#606) and Long (#484) fires remain minimal. Ninety-one percent of Alaska […]

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Burned area shows black with green vegetation surrounding.

Chetaslina and Long Fire Update: No Growth Observed on Fires

COPPER CENTER, AK – No growth was observed on the Chetaslina (#606) or Long (#484) fires with minimal if any smoke.  Minimal rain was measured in the area on Saturday with additional rain expected for today. National Park Service Fire Management staff in Alaska manage large and long-duration fires by balancing the risks and benefits […]

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Minimal smoke rises from the Chetaslina Fire (#606) with green vegetation surrounding and the mountain range in the background.

Chetaslina and Long Fire Update: Rain and Cloud Cover Continue to Dampen Monitored Fires

COPPER CENTER, AK – The monitored fires in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve continue to burn in the duff soil layer of the forest floor. Duff is a soil type made of dead plant material including conifer needles, moss, leaves, bark, twigs and tree litter. The Chetaslina Fire (#606) and Long Fire (#484) are […]

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Little puffs of smoke rising from trees

Fire Restrictions Lifted; Public Still Asked to Maintain Vigilance

COPPER CENTER, AK –Based on current and predicted fire activity, the Alaska Multi-Agency Coordination Group decided to lower the Alaska Preparedness Level from 5, the highest, to 4 yesterday. This is due to a decrease in statewide fire activity. Cloud cover and heavy rains have moved into the area and are expected to moderate fire […]

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Campfire prohibition lifted in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

COPPER CENTER, AK – With cooler temperatures and much needed precipitation alleviating the severe fire conditions, Superintendent Ben Bobowski announced today that, effective immediately, campfires are again permitted throughout Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. The use of gas grills and barbeques at campsites is also allowed. Most of the park received 0.5” of rain or […]

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Aerial view of the Chetaslina Fire (#606) showing burned area, green vegetation, minimal smoke, and rain in the distance.

Another Day of Showers Expected; Warmer, Drier Next Week

COPPER CENTER, AK – More rain is expected today as showers continue to move through the Copper River Basin area. An increase in rainfall expected for Friday. Recent precipitation across the south-central part of the state should moderate fire behavior. However, warmer and drier weather conditions forecast for next week will affect how much drying the […]

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Rain Quiets Fires, Temporarily

COPPER CENTER, AK – Both the Chetaslina (#606) and Long (#484) fires received precipitation over the night moderating fire behavior. More rain is forecast for Thursday, but it will likely not be enough precipitation to put out the fires. The Chetaslina and Long fires are burning deep into the ground, two to three feet in […]

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Structures Protected on Chetaslina Fire; Rain on the Way

COPPER CENTER, AK – Point protection operations on the Tenas Jack, Kuntson and Copper/Cheschina cabins and at Dadina Lake near the Chetaslina Fire (#606) are complete. Firefighters returned to the Valdez-Copper River Area Division of Forestry helibase after plumbing the structures, setting up the hose lays and sprinkler systems at each of the locations. They […]

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A large smoke plume rises in the horizon.

Point Protection Begins on the Chetaslina Fire

COPPER CENTER, AK – Point protection operations on structures near the Chetaslina Fire continue today. Firefighters are positioned at the Tenas Jack, Kuntson and Copper/Cheshnina cabins and at Dadina Lake. Firefighters are working to install hose lay and sprinkler systems around the structures as a wildfire response strategy, which protects specific assets or highly valued […]

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