New wildfire discovered on south side of Alaska Range in Denali National Park

DENALI PARK, Alaska: The Yentna Fire (#440) was discovered the evening of July 3, 2022, burning within Denali National Park and Preserve, just south of the terminus of the Yentna Glacier on the east side of the East Fork Yentna River, and 36 miles west of Petersville. It is currently estimated at 5 – 7 acres, and its cause is undetermined at this time, though there was lightning in the area on June 30. Wildfires in this area are rare; this is only the fourth fire discovered south of Broad Pass of the Alaska Range within Denali National Park and Preserve.

The Yentna fire is burning in a Limited Fire Management Option area within the Park/Preserve and the goal is to maintain the natural ecological processes. The Protecting Agency (State of Alaska DNR Division of Forestry & Fire Protection – Matsu/Southwest Area Forestry) will monitor the fire and conduct point source protection tactics if needed. There are no identified values that are designated for protection from fire in the surrounding area.

Naturally occurring wildland fires are important to the health of ecosystems in Denali National Park and Preserve, but wildfire smoke can pose a significant threat to human health. Park visitors may encounter smoke from the Yentna Fire or other wildfires in the state (particularly at the Park Entrance Area), dependent on fire behavior and weather conditions. When air quality advisories for Denali are issued by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), they will be posted throughout the park.

More information about wildfire smoke, health risks, and steps that can be taken to reduce exposure to smoke can be found at the ADEC air quality advisory/episode websites: and

Steep mountains, some covered in green, others in snow, with clouds above.
The steep walls of the Kichatna Mountains above the Yentna River valley in Denali National Park & Preserve (NPS Photo)

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