Scattered showers over much of the 100 Mile Creek Fire

June 14, 2014 9:15 AM

Delta Junction – Scattered showers over much of the 100 Mile Creek fire proved to be a mixed blessing on Friday and into Saturday morning.  The moisture and cool, cloudy weather curtailed fire behavior and allowed crews to continue working diligently to strengthen control lines.  At the northeast corner of the fire, where the fire has burned into a dense stand of white spruce, firefighters completed the cutting of control line and began the arduous task of widening and strengthening it.  The goal is to have the line wide enough to withstand the gusty winds that periodically blow from Isabel Pass in the Alaska Range.


Despite advantages gained from the cool, moist weather, there is a down side.  The dirty work of strengthening and widening control lines is difficult under the best of conditions.   Working in the rain makes the work even tougher.  Since firefighters are camped out on the fireline to be close to their work areas, the rain makes living conditions even less desirable.


The fire has gained little acreage over the last day.  It is currently mapped at 21,846 acres.  There are a total of 624 firefighters and support personnel assigned to the fire this morning.  Managers report that 72% of the northern portion of the fire (on state land, north of the military ranges) has been contained.

Current 100 Mile Creek Fire Map located at

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