100 Mile Creek Fire receives rain

June 18, 2014 9:00 a.m.

Delta Junction – Fire fighters on the 100 Mile Creek fire experienced another day of dry windy weather Monday, but all control lines held.  There was no fire growth; the fire remains at 23,270 acres.
Air operations Monday were devoted to back-haul of equipment and moving several crews back into Delta Junction.   Roughly 100 fire fighters were moved back in for a well-deserved rest.  They will soon be returned to their home units.  Some 302 fire fighters and support personnel remain assigned the fire.
Rain is in the forecast for the fire area.  The fire team’s meteorologists are predicting as much as a half inch of rain to fire on the fire and fire camp over the next day.  While that rain will not put the fire out, it certainly will increase the odds that it will not spread past existing control lines.
Fire fighters still out on the fire line will continue to patrol for hot spots and pockets of heat.  The task of “cold trailing” is accomplished by actually feeling the ground with the back of one’s hand.   Fire fighters call this part of mop-up “search and destroy…”  Mop-up standards call for making sure that there are no hotspots within 500 feet of the control line.

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