Funny River Fire update

June 23, 2014, 10:00 a.m.

Current Situation

Visible smoke near Tustumena Lake may be observed this summer in times of warming and drying trends. Large fires can smolder in deep duff fuels till seasonal rains and snow completely extinguish all heat. Firefighters will continue to monitor the entire fire perimeter from the air until those conditions prevail.
The Type 4 incident commander is Nate Zalewski, and fire operations are located at the Alaska Division of Forestry fire office in Soldotna. Fire information inquiries can still be made at (907)394-6035.

The repair of 20+ miles of fire lines along the north and western perimeters east of Soldotna is now complete. Large fuel mats and timber were moved back into the cut areas to reduce sedimentation that affects river quality and habitat in disturbed areas.

The Yukon fire crew is working on the continuation of the shaded fuel break near mile 6 Funny River road. The Funny River fire break was instrumental in stopping fire spread into the nearby homes in Funny River and Sterling.

The Funny River fire is a human caused fire that began in the afternoon of May 19th near a horse trail 5 miles east of Soldotna. The fire size is 195,858 acres. The wildfire remains 100% contained in the north, west and southern perimeters, near human habitation. A total of 24 personnel and one helicopter are assigned to the fire.

About Alaska Division of Forestry

Alaska Division of Forestry website: Mission: The Alaska Division of Forestry proudly serves Alaskans through forest management and wildland fire protection. The Wildland Fire and Aviation Program provides safe, cost-effective and efficient fire protection services and related fire and aviation management activities to protect human life and values on State, private and municipal lands. The wildland fire program cooperates with other wildland fire agencies on a statewide, interagency basis.

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