Exposed grass means fire season is here

The snow pack around the Interior is quickly melting away, leaving dry grass exposed that is susceptible to fire. This small grass fire off the Old Steese Highway near Chena Hot Springs Road on Tuesday was caused by a spark/ember that traveled approximately 30 feet from the spot a Department of Transportation crew was cutting a power pole and caught exposed grass on fire. By the time anyone noticed it, the fire had grown too big to be put out by hand. The Division of Forestry and Steese Volunteer Fire Department responded to extinguish the fire, which was estimated at one-tenth of an acre. Let this serve as a reminder to be careful when using power tools near exposed grasses or other flammable materials.IMG_2738

About Alaska Division of Forestry

Alaska Division of Forestry website: Mission: The Alaska Division of Forestry proudly serves Alaskans through forest management and wildland fire protection. The Wildland Fire and Aviation Program provides safe, cost-effective and efficient fire protection services and related fire and aviation management activities to protect human life and values on State, private and municipal lands. The wildland fire program cooperates with other wildland fire agencies on a statewide, interagency basis.

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