Healy Fire more than doubles in size and expected to grow.

11:30 a.m. – The Healy Lake Fire southeast of Delta Junction more than doubled in size Thursday and  is expected to grow. As of Friday morning, the fire was estimated at approximately 10,000 acres. The fire is expected to continue moving east. Managers are hoping to produce a map of the fire today reflecting more accurate acreage. Two lightning-caused fires began Tuesday night and moved toward the southeast later growing together. Late Tuesday night the fire made a push to the west reaching the north bank of the Tanana River across from Cummings Road, approximately 30 miles south of Delta Junction. Fire crews and two bulldozers responded to the resulting spot fires, preventing further spread of the fire on the South side of the river. Thursday’s continued Red Flag warnings and dry conditions, particularly in black spruce, resulted in significant fire spread. Fire behavior near Healy Lake was creeping and smoldering reducing the danger to structures and recreational cabins in the area. Two crews continue to work on structural protection for the cabins. There are no reports of any structures being lost. The primary objectives in managing the fire are to protect structures at the lake and to prevent the fire from crossing the Tanana River and spreading. Southwest winds are expected on today helping to help keep the fire on the north side of the river.

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