Healy Lake Fire update

12 p.m.

Healy Lake (#313)

Location: 25 miles east of Delta

Start Date: June 16

Cause: Lightning

Size: 14,000 acres (approx.)

Containment: 25%*

Number of Personnel: 133

Other fires in Delta area:

Healy River (#386) – 1,700 acres (approx.)

Michigan Creek (#321) – 14,000 acres (approx.)

Good Pastor Valley (#396) – 10-50 acres

Fire #314 – 10 acres

Healy Lake Fire: All spots to the west of the Tanana River and east of the Cummings Road are nearly 100% mopped up. A burnout operation was conducted Monday evening behind the cabins on Sarah Point. The objective was to burn out receptive fuels above the cabins, stopping the fire as it slowly moved down off the ridge.

Michigan Creek Fire: Several fire managers met with Healy Lake Village residents. Information was shared on how the village could begin structure protection efforts and the current availability of village fire and heavy equipment. The fire remains approximately ten miles from the village.

Healy River Fire: A small group of firefighters worked in and around the cabins on Hidden Lake to provide structure protection. This fire is approximately two miles from the cabins.

Today’s Objectives:

Fire resources between the Tanana River and Cummings Road will continue final mopup of spots. They will be available if additional spots occur or there are other needs on the fire. A crew will mopup and hold the burnout line behind the cabins on Sarah Pt. Additional structure protection work will continue at other cabins on Healy Lake. The Smokejumpers at the Healy River fire (Hidden Lake cabin area) will be removed, as they are needed for initial attack within the region. An assessment will be made as to what further structure protection work needs to be accomplished.

Weather conditions will see a decrease in relative humidities over the next several days.

The public is reminded that NO burning is allowed. For information regarding restrictions visit

www.akfireinfo.com. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place over a large area which encompasses the fire.

Website Information

: Additional fire information and daily updates on the Healy Lake fire can be found at

http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/. Visit www.akfireinfo.com for the latest updates on fires across Alaska. Maps of fire areas in Alaska are available on http://afsmaps.blm.gov/imf_fire/imf.jsp?site=fire, zoom in on the state map to see a rough perimeter of fires.

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