Southwest Area McGrath Fire updates, July 4

Contact: Francis Mitchell, Public Information Officer, SW Area, Div. of Forestry
Ph 907 524 0064 fireinfoSWS@gmail.comSTAFFED FIRES

Fire 547 –North Aniak, on the north side of the Kuskokwim river has been moving west toward Upper Kalskag. Friday evening, 8 smokejumpers were dropped to attack the fire where it had moved across a creek, 8 miles west of Aniak. With availability of additional crews and accomplishment of protection work at several sites, direct action is now being taken against this fire by the jumpers and Aniak-staged crews.

Fire 229 –Whitefish Lake 1, on the south side of the Kuskokwim, southwest of Aniak and east of Lower Kalskag, is also very active and its west flank has reached the river. Direct action on this fire has resumed. On Friday, 3 Fireboss skimmer aircraft made a total of 120 water drops on the fire.
Crews staging from Aniak who are fighting this fire and the North Aniak fire are Salt Lake T2 IA, Gannett Glacier T2 IA, Kalskag village crew, Idaho Panhandle Hotshots and the Bitterroot Hotshots.

Fire 596 –Ophir Creek, has been burning in Limited protection territory southeast of the Whitefish Lake 1 fire and has now reached 12,400 acres. Its southeastern edge is reaching toward the remote home of a woman who has lived there for several decades. Today, 5 Helitak firefighters were moved to the homestead to do site protection work.
Fire 413 –Paul’s Creek, about 10 miles north of King Salmon is where 8 smokejumpers continue to do site protection on structures near the fire.

Fire 624 –Mishevik, south of Tuluksak has had several crews battling it and is now being mopped up by the Kentucky Type 2 IA crew.

Red Devil – Completed
Crooked Creek – Completed
Chuathbaluk – Completed
Lime Village – Completed
Boob Creek Mine camp – Completed
Flat – Completed
Medfra and Nixon Fork Mine – Completed

Nikolai – Nearly completed by the Nikolai crew.
Takotna – Nearly completed by Miller Timber Svc crews

Aniak – Continuing
Upper Kalskag – Continuing
Lower Kalskag – Continuing


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